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Visual/Metal concert by 

19:00 - 20:00

Main Stage

Sinds eind 2014, Visual metal band VII ARC staan bij hun fans (genaamd "Acroholics") bekend voor hun unieke Rock-shows: scheurend metaal met passie en emotie, en een duistere mode en stijl. De teksten gaan over menselijke zwakte, falen, en onze diepste innerlijke afkeer naar onszelf - maar ook de verbintenis met hoop en dromen die we diep in ons meedragen. Het niet willen opgeven en offers brengen voor een hoger doel.

In 2017, heeft deze band opgetreden bij concerten in GAMESCOM, DOKOMI & CHIZURU, en heeft een Japanse band ondersteund genaamd MORRIGAN bij hun tour in Europa. 

VII ARC is een metalband die sterk geïnspireerd is door Japanse Visual kei bands. Zelf zijn ze ook fan van grote Japanse Visual Kei bands. Dat is ook te zien aan hun unieke stijl.



The seven deadly sins – pride, greed, wrath, gluttony, lust, envy and sloth – and the link between this world and the afterlife. Hatred, despair and grief dictate the performance of VII ARC, a German rock band where they become marionettes of themselves. Their music as well as their visual concept seclude them from conformities. The band's musical borders range from Metalcore to Alternative Rock and Industrial Metal – but clear genres are being disregarded as such.


VII ARC formed in 2012, founded by singer KAY and lead guitarist FU in the city of Essen, Germany. BENA (rhythm guitar) completed the previous line-up and in 2014, the band gave their first concert in Dorsten. Confronted by positive and negative critics, they managed to score the first place in a local band contest. Later, in the same year, first shootings and the music video to the first maxi single 'DEPRIVATION OF TIME' followed with new member CONN (drums). The music video premiered at CHIZURU convention taking place in FZW concert hall Dortmund and the single sold out in a few months time.


In early 2015, the band parted ways with drummer CONN and pre-productions for the first full-length album 'DOXA' began. In spring 2015, bassist GRAZEL who supported the band before at previous gigs joined VII ARC as a full member. Album 'DOXA' released in April 2016 at a sold-out release show in hometown Essen and a music video to 'LAUGHING MASOCHIST' released on YouTube.


Until December 2017, the band played over 50 shows in Germany and both, initial and re-issue press of the album sold out. In 2017, the band played at DOKOMI convention Düsseldorf and GAMESCOM convention Cologne. In November 2017, they supported Japanese Visual Kei band MORRIGAN along with BATAAR from Sweden at a concert in Amsterdam of their Europe tour.


The band's line-up completed April 2017 with drummer Z'EV. In august 2017, the band launched their PATREON site and reached their initial goal of $100 support per month 30 minutes after launch of the page. With PATREON, the band enables their supporters to have full insight into the band's production progress behind the scenes as well as to take part in special broadcast events, blog readings and accessing exclusive entertainment material. Their PATREON program enabled the band to produce the new 'NIL' music video and the whole production of the new album 'ATONIA -THE VOID OF TARTAROS-' which is mastered by former member CONN. The new album releases September 22nd 2018 at a release show at DON'T PANIC club Essen, Germany. Earlier in 2018, at the same club, VII ARC hosted the V-ROCK INVASION festival with KERBERA from Sweden and NANA:[SHI] from Germany where VIP tickets sold out. The band is currently in the pre-productions of the following album which forms the second part of the double album 'ATONIA', scheduled for 2019.

VII ARC have not been affiliated with any management or record label so far.

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Speakerheadz met Dans, Beats en epische Visuals

Main Stage

17:00 - 18:00

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Greetings Earthlings. A long time ago you send human DNA to different galaxies. One missile landed on planet X, also known as Niburu. The human DNA on Niburu evolved into humanoid species.


These species raised and developed themselves and they wanted to know their origin. In their journey through space they sent you a signal. You have received but ignored this message. Therefore they came to earth to bring you their message personally. To get a better understanding of your ancient technology, they had to start all over again to experience the evolution of music through time.


After the experience and evolution they are ready to spread their message. What better way is there to spread a message than through a speaker. A speaker produces sound, from sound comes music, from music comes harmony, from harmony comes peace. Therefore they only speak music…

A band from the year 2069 - back with a message for the present.  Combining industrial sounds with retro synths with raw guitars, drums, and a wide range of intense vocals - they bring immense energy to the stage - the audio and visual experience paints a picture of their inevitable dystopian cyberpunk future.

HighTechLowLife began in July 2017, when Tone and Remy started writing music together.  At the time they were in a band together, and were writing music as an outlet for their electronic side. 

Main Stage

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High Tech Low Life

A band from the year 2069 - back with a message for the

HighTechLowLife was the name they gave the project, as it reflects the direction the world seems to be taking.  As their band at the time started to wind down their activities, Tone and Remy took that as an opportunity to start pushing HighTechLowLife more actively. 


They were writing music consistently, planning what kind of band it would be, and what direction they wanted to go.  In early 2018, they went on a hiatus while they prioritized other work together, but just as they completed those projects in mid 2018, opportunity knocked again.  A similar style band from England was scheduled to play at Remy's at the end of September. 


It seemed like the right time for HighTechLowLife to do their first show.  They finished the songs they had been working on, and incorporated Misako into the project.  She is a vocal powerhouse that would help them bring the level of expression closer to their vision – allowing them to write melodies they could never sing on their own. Their original line up would have been a vocal trio.  The first show with the overseas guest ended up being cancelled because of a massive typhoon that destroyed the power grid in Okinawa, but they re-scheduled their debut to another event Remy was planning on the Halloween weekend. 

14:00 - 15:00

  Just a few days before their first show, Maiki (DJ Cryptek) joined the group.  This brought something new to the band, not just as a performer, but as someone who shared their taste in music and brought valuable input as well.  The first show felt great, and went as well as they had hoped for, but they were already looking to the future.  They had invited Deathco and Iwao to the show, as they were recruiting them as members of the band.  They joined the band immediately, and played together the very next show – one week later.  They both brought something new to the band.  Deathco is a female death vocalist unmatched in Okinawa.  With her addition, Tone was also free to pick up the guitar bringing more raw and live elements to the show, and with Iwao not only drumming, but also able to provide a wide range of vocals as well, they were now closer to their dream band than they had ever thought they could be.  They are the band of the now and the future.  They are HighTechLowLife.

Karaoke by Asgard Sings

11:00 - 20:00

Lokaal 003

Wil je liever zelf jouw zangkunsten laten horen? Dat kan bij Asgard Sings! Met een collectie van duizenden liedjes, van anime tot de Foute lijst, er zit altijd iets bij dat je leuk vindt.​

Mystery DJ

Main Stage

Als warming up aan het begin van de dag hebben  we een mystery DJ die zich zal specialiseren in Eurobeat / Happy Hardcore / J-core en alles met Japanse invloeden. Met een flink stuk plezier en enthousiasme zal hij je meenemen naar Japan en omstreken.


11:00 - 20:00

Stichting Mangakissa is een non-profit bibliotheek speciaal voor Manga. Kom lekker even uitrusten en lees in alle rust geweldige manga die je wellicht nog niet kent. Bij de Bibliotheek in Utrecht is het altijd gezellig en worden zeer veel leuke dingen georganiseerd. De bibliotheek heeft een team aan geweldige vrijwilligers die klaar staan om je te helpen of activiteiten organiseren in de Mangakissa.

Bij brandstof kun je terecht voor een lekkere tosti,

of een drankje. Bij de Mangakissa kun je even ontspannen en bijkomen van de activiteiten die meer inspanning eisen. 

Bekijk de website van Mangakissa, en kom langs de bibliotheek in Utrecht.

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Raiden Yosakoi

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Lokaal 201

18:00 - 19:00

Wij zijn Raiden, Yosakoi-team uit Leiden! 

Yosakoi is een Japanse festivaldans die stamt uit de jaren '50 van de vorige eeuw. Yosakoi geeft veel energie en je kunt helemaal uit je dak gaan op het podium. Een aantal van onze leden heeft in Japan yosakoi gedanst en geeft die kennis weer door. Daarnaast maken we onze eigen choreografie.

Raiden betekent: 
- donder en bliksem 
- Leiden (in de Japanse schrijfwijze) 

Wij komen jou een unieke, energieke en vooral mooie performance geven in de Dasstudio! Kom kijken naar onze coole moves!